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What kind of game is Galactic Magnate?

Galactic Magnate is a game that merges several gaming concepts. Game basics are very similar to classic board monopoly game. It is very similar to board games in general - the players move on the game board, where movement is determined by rolling the dice. But, we have created game rules such that they minimize the impact of luck, and the game outcome is almost totally dependent on players choices. This makes it very similar to strategy games, especially turn-based sub type since players do actions in turns. A small part of the game, auctions, are real-time, where players do actions simultaneously. A good short description of the game would be: board online multiplayer strategy.

Can the game be played against other people on the Internet?

Yes. In fact, this is the only way of playing Galactic Magnate. It is online multiplayer game. You can not play it against computer.

How many players are required? How will I find other players?

Galactic Magnate can be played by 2-5 players. You do not have to worry about finding your opponents, the game has automatic matchmaking system that will find opponents for you automatically.

What is the price of the game?

At this moment, the game is absolutely free for playing!

Where can I get the game?

You can download the latest version here.

Is the game complete?

The game is not complete, but it is working more than fine. You should have absolutely no problems while running the game. The fact that it is not complete only means that we are planning to add many more interesting features in the future.

How hard it is to learn to play?

Galactic Magnate is a very simple game that anybody can learn. You can start playing immediately, although it may be good to read some introductory materials first. Still, the simple rules have complex interactions, so mastering the game will require some practice. That means it is impossible to become game expert in one day, the game requires playing and strategic thinking.

How different is this game from classic monopoly?

It is quite different. The emphasis in Galactic Magnate is on strategy, while in classic monopoly the game is mostly determined by luck. However, the players of classic monopoly will find many similarities in game rules and concept. You can read a short description of differences.

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