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This document contains description of miscellaneous rules and features.

Playing monopoly with Galactic Magnate - introduction


Additional features

Additional keys: Additional interface functionality:

Game lobby chat commands

Typing /help or /h in game lobby will display a list of commands.

Type /help command to get help on specific command

Type /count_users to see how many people are connected to server. Type /count_games to see how many games are on server.

Type /info username to check if person is connected to server, and if he/she is connected to see is he/she in game or chatroom, and which chatroom.

Type /c too see a list of chatrooms
Type /join roomname to join or create a chatroom.
Type /a to return to *LOBBY_XXX chatrooms.
Type /w username message to send a private message. Type /r message to reply to private message.
Type /mute username to ignore a user.
Type /unmute username to stop ignoring a user.
Type /muteall to ignore all user.
Type /unmuteall to stop ignoring all users.


When a player account is created, it starts with 1000 points. The players lose or receive points depending on outcome of the rated games they play.

Each player contributes a certain percentage of points, depending on his rank at the game end.

The following table contains contributing percentages:

Number of players
at game start (plrCnt)
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
2 0 16
3 0 13 20
4 0 11 17 24
5 0 10 16 22 28
For a given number of players and rank, a value from this table will be reffered to as Contr[plrCnt][rank].

A player receives points from other players with lower rank, and gives points to players with higher rank.

Let Xpoints be points of a player X at game start, and his final rank be Xrank.
Points of player X will be reduced by:

loss = Xpoints * Contr[plrCnt][Xrank] / 100 (rounded down)

For each player J who has worst rank than player X (Jrank>Xrank), player X receives:

gain = Jpoints * Contr[plrCnt][Jrank] / (Jrank-1) / 100   (rounded down)
where: Jpoints - points of player J at game start Jrank - rank of player J at game end

In any game, this system is made such that sum of all losses is equal to sum of all gains.

Additionally, a player receives 100 bonus points if he was playing the game for more than 10 minutes.


In order to stop players from stalling the game, the timers are introduced. Each player is given one main timer. At start, each main timer is set to 120 seconds.

Whenever a player is presented with a choice, and has to decide, an auxiliary timer is started. Depending on the choice, the timer is set to values given in following table, and it is counting to zero.

Choice Auxiliary timer value,
in seconds
roll dice 4
auction or pass 7
fortune with choice 6
sell houses
to pay bills
choose character,
first player
choose character,
other players

If a player does not complete his action and auxiliary timer expires, the main timer will start decreasing. The main timer is shown in the upper right corner of the screen. If main timer expires, the user is removed from the game for playing too slowly.

If a player completes his action before auxiliary timer expires, then one half of time that is left in the auxiliary timer is added to player's main timer. This is a reward for fast playing.

Also, a player can stall the game by constantly starting player auctions of the properties no one wants to buy. To counter this, whenever starting a player auction, 20 seconds will be subtracted from player's main timer to compensate for time lost in the auction. If a player does not have enough time left, he can not start player auction.

Another thing affecting the timers may be network conditions. If your connection stalls, the server may not receive your choices in time, and he will penalize you for the time lost. There are some time limits set as how fast does your computer have to reply to a request sent by server. However, the limits are quite flexible and such things should happen very rarely any only if your Internet connection is in serious trouble.

Note that, if your computer or network connection is unresponsive for 40 seconds, the server will assume that a connection has been severed and will automatically disconnect you.

Pausing the game

To request pause, type /pause number_of_seconds in the chat box.

In order for game to be paused, both players in 2 player game or 3 players otherwise must accept the pause by typing /yes. If at least one player answers /no, or 15 seconds expires, the pause is denied.

After the pause is accepted, the game will not be paused immediately. The players should continue playing until the game is paused.

When the game is paused, players can type /resume to request a game to be resumed. The game will be resumed only if all players type /resume.

After the pause time expires, the game will be unpaused when any player types /resume.

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