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All mods equal power - please vote
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Mon Apr 26, 2010 6:03 am
Author Message

Joined: 14 Sep 2006
Posts: 272

Post subject: Reply with quote

well this thread is starting to turn into an ego clash

so I suggest it be locked. it serves no purpose where ego's are on the line.
the rest of the GM people who have read this topic have a general idea on what direction cyn might do after collecting information with the people who have replied to this poll. I should also add that the next time the thread starter starts a poll like this again should and must consult cyn not take it upon himself to run a poll without first consulting in a moderator so the next time a poll be added to this forum must be from a moderator if he/she feels it deemed necessary.

how this topic is shaping out is quite laughable reminding me GMs old flame wars because basically this is how it all starts.

I suggest the next time some one posts something in future to leave their ego's out of their words and start viewing their ideas in a more constructive manner NOT start off with these petty personal attacks
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Mon Apr 26, 2010 6:05 am
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Ex Moderator

Joined: 28 Jan 2009
Posts: 111
Location: Calgary, Alberta

Post subject: Reply with quote

personally I'd like to see trace resume her old duties but with all the b.s. going on in here who can blame her for not wanting to, I've been around long enough to make lots of enemies and a lot more friends. And at the end of the day just enjoy the game, we all make mistakes, i myself have been warned rightfully so by cyn, the mods that we have now do an awesome job. I'd love to see more mods but only those without an agenda.

And rules are rules if you were a mod but abused it who in their right mind should give them their powers back.

just me ranting.
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Mon Apr 26, 2010 1:55 pm
Author Message

Post subject: Reply with quote

I did write a long post explaining many things.

But the fact is, it would simply be pointless.
There is equally many posts from the mod section I would like to be able to bring out, as I feel they would explain better to everyone.

I believe perhaps Prab (sim) should be given this chance to get everything off his chest, as he appears to be extremely angry. Only other alternative is bans, which by his reckoning need to be placed on everyone with power, even if they are not using it!!!! Who exactly would place those bans I dunno, coz I mean that would be abusing power surely!

So I say let Prab, and Ju have their rants if they want. Least that way they will clear the air of anything they want to say. Then maybe perhaps GM can return to a peaceful place, a friendly place for which new users may actually want to join and where players questions, and needs can again be met.

I'm ready and welcome for whatever ANYONE wants to say to ruin me, just do it. Get it over with please. I love GM always will. But some people here simply wind me up, but hey I'm human, aren't we all!!!

So there you go, go for it guys. Do your worst. Lets get this over with.
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Mon Apr 26, 2010 7:12 pm
Author Message

Post subject: Reply with quote

Iam amused how you (Sim ) can lie and make your story so trye that , in a moment , even I beleved in it . I said that i will not reply to you any more but , I must say few thing . All started with you Sim , and thats a fact . Who abused power after you is Trace but only to rectify your big mistake .
If I were a mod with power to ban , I surtenly would ban you for that . Did Cyn ban you ? No . And now you are atacking her for not doing her job . How sad .
I was just log on when Trace say to someone F-word . Latter that evening she told me what happend . In that second I didnt know to who she said that and for what reason is she upset , but she was , and that was a fact . Would you kick her in that moment noing nothing about what happend . I dont think so .You said I enjoy . No Sim , i didnt in that moment but , latter when she explane me what happend , than I enjoy very much . She said to you two magic words that you deserve many times . In my country we said for that >>> you asked for it <<<< or >>> what he ask he get <<< . All that moaning about unrated games , that greedy for points , day after day .....
Iam not so admired by Cyn and Trace ( with Trace in last few month we establish a corect relationship ) and you said we are big friend . Ask Cyn and Trace ..
And about my job as lobby mod .You didnt know that iam lobby mod in charge in that time .Only few people did know that before I said that in few of my last post .
And for finish ... all that lies that i was watching and encouraging Trace ... and that I said i dont care .You well know that I come on lobby when everything was alredy finish . Its very sad readining your lies and they are coming from one adult ex mod and member of GM comunity . But , now I realy dont care about you and your coment . You dont deserve any of my time any more .
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Tue Apr 27, 2010 12:27 am
Author Message

Joined: 13 May 2008
Posts: 900

Post subject: Reply with quote

bezma2 wrote:
Iam amused how you (Sim ) can lie and make your story so trye that . Its very sad readining your lies and they are coming from one adult ex mod and member of GM comunity ..

bez i knew at one point u will going to come out with such type of allegation but unfortunately i have all the evidence which is necessary to make sure truth comes out in open

so before accusing some1 for saying .....liar think twice

all these r 100 % fact & not talking in air so give a break man

Bill2k06 wrote:
Understand that ONE act of negligence will have you removed just as fast as you are installed as a mod.

just want to ask u in simple & straight if there is truth in it will all of you people will be removed for negligence & abusing their power & will get penalized ...... I DOUBT

if judd can get removed from his power for his negligence why cant u people ?

ru guys more important or rules r different for u people

therefore i will end by saying some issues here are pointless so no point talking about it

because many people know very well despite all these things which u all have done here no1 is there to punish u which is the single reality

i will not be surprised if people get threatened or ban speaking against you people for all your wrong doing even if its truth

so i will leave this topic its of no use


No expectations, no disappointments.
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Tue Apr 27, 2010 9:22 am
Author Message

Joined: 27 Apr 2010
Posts: 1

Post subject: Reply with quote

Its very sad to see people ignoring misconductivity & trying to justify their act or taking people sympathy for their own benefit
leave all these blah blah & take strick action against all those people who have abused their power for which they were appointed to make free & fair judgement for people here
why people dont come forward when they see such misconduct done by people specially administrator or mod
may be one of the reason they dont have enough courage as speaking against top people may put them into trouble

to be very honest all these people who have abused their power just want to justify their misconductivity nothing else
do they think people are blind & if kreso is not here they can do whatever they want without any fear whatsoever
or may be they are sitting in a friend circle who controls the game which makes them to carry on their work

i saw the issue of trace who i guess is the administrator & cyn who is the mod here for this game
first i would like to ask all those who are raising issues against them for their actions

one of them is sim5 from whom i would like to ask first why he himself should not be banned from what he did with joker
just to become a hero in others eyes u think u can do that & justify ur act
althogh i agree people should be given 2nd chance there is no harm in it but it was not given which in my view was most disgusting thing
and now sim5 is coming up telling people about rules
sorry to say first follow rules urself then teach other about rules
i know you a very good player & you have done a lot for gm & i sincerely appreciate you come out against with all this misconductivity done by trace & cyn
you have raised your voice which all have the right & i am sure all those people who are afraid coming out against trace or any mod because of their position will look this in a positive way
but with all this rules are rules & for what you have done with unbanning joker there is only one way to go i.e to ban you
yes i think sim5 should be banned for 30 days like his own friend judd was banned by bill for a month

trace has done a good job for gm , she has given lot of time to this game & helping players & may be thats why she was appointed administrator
but she forget one important thing just because all the good work she has done doesnt mean she is above eveyone & this place is under her control
she has a good set of people who are her friends in this game & one of them is cyn mod
what else she want...... mod who is her friend & she herself administrator isnt that a nice way to carry on the mis conductivity knowing in the back cyn is there to help her out
yes this is what i feel is in her favour why she has not been punished
trace think she can use abusing language in lobby & will get away with that
didnt trace herself banned people for such thing in the past
trace & her friend cyn have banned many player for using such abusive language
now its trace turn to face the music so why she avoiding by giving excuses
once again trace banned joker knowing it was not her job but she did may be for good reason once again
but like sim5 she also want to show how big & a top lady she is for this game
she can also change points for her own benefit even if she is not a mod , this i think is very serious issues
she may have told cyn later but does that mean what trace did is justify
first break the rules & than tell mod so that she can carry on her business like this
i am sorry this is very strange where trace add her own points & nothing was done against her
she think she is above all rules just because she is the administrator & her frind is the mod so she can do everything breaking rules without any fear
what else she can ask for
once again rules are there which all should follow no matter who she is
no one should be above rules which is why this game is good
trace has broken many rules & because of her influence on her friends & mod cyn not many speak against her or want to take action against her
now trace think for her rules has changed sudddenly or she is too high profile girl here where rules are not important for her
i very strongly feel being a administrator what trace has done she deserve a serious ban for a longer period but because what all good work she has done for this game it will be too harsh
so i feel first without any doubt she should be removed from administrator & should be banned for atleast 60 days for her mis conductivity using her power & position

the way all these thing was handle by mod cyn who has the responsibilty to make sure she gives all the judgement fair & without any fear was not handle by her properly
cyn just show the negligence against her friend trace & sim5
cyn gave the friendship more important than doing her job which is to make a correct & fair judgement which is not fair at all & she should respect mod duties
cyn hasnt shown the transparency while doing her job regarding trace
she has used her position for her friend trace benefit which is total absue of her mod power
i have no doubt she breach the rules of modship & for that as i said rules are for everyone so she must leave her job
i dont think cyn should be banned
but yes the way she favoured trace in all incident she has no moral ground to be a mod anymore
favourism towards friendship & not doing the job with transparency is offence
removal of cyn from mod will set a good example for future mod & for this game
where no one is above rules which is the very important thing for this game

one more thing i have seen many of these people give excuse when they need to take tough decision that only kreso or bill will do the rest
comeon you all are not kid here you know you have made the mistakes & kreso or bill may or may not come so dont use those people name to avoid your punishment
this is the very clever way to get away with all wrong you people have done so please dont use such selfish thinking

ban sim5, ban trace & remove cyn from modship & give justice to all those people who got punishes when they did the wrong thing in the past

what next its upto owner kreso to decide or bill if they come its good but if they dont doesnt mean these accused people should not be punished
game without administrator or mod is good rather than these accused still get no punishment & keep playing

if all these people dont get ban or removed than dont ban anyone from this game in future also & dont talk about rules
rules for everyone or no rules

i will again say DONT BENT THE RULES & do the justice
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Tue Apr 27, 2010 11:03 am
Author Message

Joined: 13 May 2008
Posts: 900

Post subject: Reply with quote

well i am going to end this topic & arguement today & hopefully everything will get into normal from now

not wasting much of everyones time as i already said when i unbanned joker why i did but once again i apologise for my wrong doing to everyone

but what i did was wrong hence i am banning myself for a month for all this

i would also like to say sorry to trace, cyndi & all others who got hurt because of my words because i know they both were hurt with all what happen in last few days

without talking too much about rules i just want to request everyone sometimes we need to adjust rules for good reason so they should understand

therefore i dont want cyndi to be removed from mod because without mod this place will suffer

i dont want trace to face anything harsh as she has given her everything for this game & personally i know her she loves this place more than anything else

they both should carry on to make this place more lively & happy & if they required my suggestion i will always be there

whatever has happened is history so lets forget it & move forward

there is no room for any personal fight in this place & no1 will get anything by such negative thinking

i will take my ban with the right spirit & will not remove that but hopefully will be on forum to share some jokes with all of u Smile

please lock this thread & start a new begning

cheers Cool

No expectations, no disappointments.
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Tue Apr 27, 2010 2:14 pm
Author Message

Post subject: Reply with quote

And there you go . After all , now you act like peacekeeper . How lovely .
No Sim . You will not end this topic . I will . I will say to marco and all members of GM that this game with no moderator will end becouse Kreso said that . I will repeat once more his words >>> AS LONG AS THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO WONT TO DO ( THIS UNGRATIFUL ) ADMINISTRATOR JOB I WILL PAY AND KEEP THIS GAME ON LINE <<<<<
Marco , to you I will say this . Cyn didnt ban Sim , and thats the main reason she cant ban Trace . The only reason all this happend was Sim act when he unbaned Joker . All other what happend latter was becouse of that .
Now . I will say what will be next . I e-mailed Kreso asking him to help before we lose all moderators . He repeat to me what will happend if we lose all moderators . He cant hold GM on line with no adminiostrators and thats it .
I will ask him to put Cyn ( very good mod ) and Trace ( also very good mod ) and I will stay as lobby mod to help them . Steve will be also lobby mod if its ok with Cyn and Trace . Cyn will be head mod and thats it .
Now , if we wont to keep this game on line first thing to do is >>>> STOP ATACKING MODERATORS <<<< . They are also human and they do this ungrateful job for free . They can make some erorrs but , beleve me , they are forced to do them becouse of some ungrateful people we have on GM. They spend their free time to make this place peaceful and better .
Let them do their job as good as they do and can .
For finish . Dont reply to me if you think that I act like Iam boss here or God . Iam not .I spoke with Kreso and this is my last apel to all of you , Sim included .
This is time to make a decision for future of GM . Or we will stop to atack moderators and their job or we will lose them > and the game with them .
Any good advice or suggestion is wellcome .
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Tue Apr 27, 2010 4:32 pm
Author Message
Ex Moderator

Joined: 08 Feb 2007
Posts: 1457
Location: Australia

Post subject: Reply with quote

Judd said

[quote2. you are all wrong in terms of exmods becoming mods again. helen was a mod, got banned and got reinstated. FACT. this was all done by kreso so i am not too sure where everyone is getting this "once a mod" never a mod again view from. remember, i am talking FACT here not opinion./quote]

i was banned for 5 days by husky for refusing to obey him in the forum and i was not a mod at the time ...what i did it does not compare to what you did were in fact a mod when you flipped out and took matters into your own hands

i did not become a mod after my ban..
why try so hard to fit in ....when you were born to stand out
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Tue Apr 27, 2010 5:25 pm
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Joined: 07 Jul 2008
Posts: 634
Location: All over the local papers

Post subject: Reply with quote

what a complete mess this whole thing is becoming

Marko - very good post - kudos
Your points are valid and I agree.

I abused mod power and got a ban and was removed which was correct and just.

Now it is time for people who have abused their powers to be removed from mod and face their ban.

Trying to argue other ways shows short sightedness and lack of independence, objectivity and professionality.

There are more people on the forum than on the game these days...

What a pantomine

Even a broken clock is right twice a day.
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Wed Apr 28, 2010 10:50 am
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Joined: 22 Nov 2009
Posts: 166

Post subject: Reply with quote

Sim, don't let them spoil you, you are so much above those people. Be yourself and don't let yourself to be involved in this any more,its not worth it.
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