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Thu Jun 05, 2014 2:11 am
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Post subject: Delija and Xacutioner cheated Reply with quote

4p with me as pencil.. boomhower ..xacutioner and Delija88 ..During the game Delija accused boomhower and I of teaming which was totally then Delija traded 1 pink for 3 whites to Xacutioner ..shortly after this boomhower left the game and then it was just delija xacutioner and myself left........delija had orange yellow 4 whites and 1 black i had red and and 3 blacks and xacutioner had 3 pinks the game progressed xacutioner had to downgrade pink to the point where he had no upgrades or cash left........

so then Delija bought 1 pink for 1000 from xacutioner to keep him in the game and to beat me..i still had red fully upgraded....then when xuctioner money ran out Delija bought a 2nd pink for 1000 and when that amount of cash went Delija bought the 3rd pink for 1000 it was all done to beat me however i came 2nd anyway

they blatantly cheated showing no regard for what the mod would think or do

the game was played around 10/10am my time on the wed 4th June
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