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1.1. The colors are all wrong

There are two solutions to this problem:
  1. Press Alt-Tab to switch to desktop. Then press Alt-Tab again to switch back to the game.
  2. Run the program in windowed mode (deselect the Full Screen button)

1.2. Why can't I switch to windowed mode?

You can switch to windowed mode only if your desktop resolution is bigger that 1024x768.

1.3. The screen is black, blinks, "frequency out of range"... and similar

This error is caused by DirectX which doesn't set appropriate frequency. Here is the workaround:
  1. Right click on Galactic Magnate icon on desktop or in start menu, select properties.
  2. Go to compatibility tab.
  3. Check the box saying "Run this program in compatibility" , and select "Windows 98 / Windows ME" in drop down box.
  4. Click ok and run your program.

1.4. How to mute or reduce sound volume?

Press the F9 key to decrease sound volume, or the F10 key to increases sound volume.

1.5. How are scores calculated?

Here is an example:

Let's say there are 3 players in game, named A having 2000 points,B having 3000 points and C having 4000 points. Player B wins the game, C finishes second, A third and last.

Since it is a 3 player game, row 3 from contributing percentages table is significant: 0, 13, 20. Here is the whole contributing percentages table .

Points at end: And additional 100 points to each player who played for more than 10 minutes.

1.6. Why can't I play with someone who is in the same room with me?

You can play unrated games only.

This was done to prevent unfair play. If It was allowed, you would be able to play against yourself (playing simultaneously on two computers), or you could team up with a friend against somebody else, which is not allowed.

2.1. How do I trade with other players?

It's simple, just follow the on-screen instructions. Here are the actual steps that you will take:
  1. Click on 'trade' tab.
  2. Click on icon of a player you wish to trade with.
  3. Notice four trade offer slots with text 'empty offer' written on them. Click once on any trade offer slot to select it. Then it will become outlined in white.
  4. Click on the same trade offer slot again, and you will enter the 'trade compilation window'.
Now read the next FAQ.

2.2. How do I compile trade offer?

When entering 'trade compilation window', you will notice two arrows, red and green. Everything on the left side, left of green arrow, is what you get. Everything on the right side, right of red arrow, is what you give. To add or remove a property from offer, click on the property on the game board. That property will then be selected, and it will have white outline. Now click on property again to add it to the offer. If that property is already part of the offer, clicking will remove it from the offer.

2.3. How do I send trade offer?

To send the offer click on 'send' button in 'trade compilation window'. Also note that you cannot do this if:
a) the offer is not reasonable (for example: you want something but give nothing in return)
b) there is already another active offer to the same player (you can check this in 'outgoing' tab)

There is also 'save' button nearby the 'send' button. If you click on 'save' button, the trade will be saved, but it will not be sent to other player.

2.4. Why doesn't buy button work when I wish to buy houses?
2.5. Why doesn't accept button work when I wish to accept a trade offer?
2.6. Why doesn't send button work when I wish to offer my properties on auction?

These three actions can only be executed when it's your turn to roll the dice. Just wait for beginning of your turn.

2.4. Also, in order to buy houses you must have monopoly, meaning that you must be owner of all the properties of the same color. Also, you must have enough cash.

2.5. Also, you must have enough cash if offer requires you to pay. Also, after economy collapses, you or your trading parther must not be in debt.

2.6. Also, offering your properties on auction requires that you have at least 20 seconds of time to play, and some small amount of cash.

3.1. Why is 'auction' tab inactive?

Auctions of player's properties can only be started when there are more than 2 players in the game.

3.2. How does 'auction' tab work?

This tab offers you the possibility to put your own properties on auction. All players, including you, will participate in this auction. You will receive 80% of the final price; the remaining 20% is lost. If you buy properties that are already yours, the net result will be loss of 20% of the final price. 'auction' tab works similar to 'trade' tab, so read the FAQs about trading. Also read FAQ 2.6.

4.1. I keep returning to the start location. Why?

When you land on property not owned by anyone, you can choose to offer that property on auction or to pass (do nothing). Whenever you offer a property on auction in this manner, you will be returned to the start after auction finishes, whether you won the auction, or someone else.

4.1a But why did you put such a rule in?

To offer a strategic choice. If there was no such rule, it would always be profitable to put properties on auction, because a player who does that receives 20% provision, whether he wins the auction, or someone else. With this rule, there is a downside to starting auction - you go back, which means you receive salary less often.

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